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Cumberland Family Tree for Windows 95/NT v2.51
[ · Скачать удаленно (4000 Kb) ] 29.01.2011, 11:31
It is a powerful and easy-to-use genealogy program. Create unique "story" reports by taking your dry data (such as dates and places), and structuring it into an interesting and readable form. Add up to 250 events in a persons life including birth, church ordinances (like baptism, christenings), schooling, addresses, immigrations, marriages (up to 12 per individual), occupations, travels, awards, recognitions, and death, and include notes for each event. Attach up to 250 scanned photographs per individual. Create an Indexed Book to track all individuals as you create your book and at the end, print an index showing every person in the database, what type of reports they appear on, and the page number. Create and print over 30 different types of charts and reports. Document with source notes, transcribed text or scanned documents. Cut, copy and paste to and from other Windows applications. Track adopted parentage and ancestors in addition to the natural lineage. Import and export Gedcom data.
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