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Genbox Family History 3.2.2
[ · Скачать удаленно (6690 Kb) ] 29.01.2011, 11:34
Full-featured genealogy app, charts, reports Genbox Family History is a full-featured windows application for managing family genealogy information and producing the best charts and reports. This major new offering in the genealogy field includes data entry for multiple names and parent relationships, witnesses, templates for formatting event and source citation information, and tools for organizing research. Multiple data views can be opened at once. Charts offer a large number of options, including source citations, box widths sized to content, multiple key individuals, legend box, multimedia, wall, fan, timeline, and book layout. Chart types include ancestor, descendant, related, convergent, and everyone. Charts can be pruned after generation. All of the common genealogy reports are provided, as well as calendars and customizable reports. A date and place context processor removes redundancy from generated narrative reports for a more natural flow to the text. Powerful query and list processing capabilities add great flexibility to chart and report production. Output can be saved in graphic formats, rich text (RTF) and HTML. Data can be imported and exported in GEDCOM format. Full UNICODE support included. A consistent and attractive user interface based on tabbed dialog windows and a minimal number of modes makes the product easy to use, while the event and source templates, research tools, storage for conflicting data, and support for accepted genealogical publishing standards establish the product as a serious offering for the professional researcher
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